Some of these could be classified as Poems, some as songs, others as garbage, at yet others as trash.  The fact remains that I wrote them all over the years, mostly many years ago.  Venture forth at your own risk.  Again, the font Goudy Old Style is meant to be seen here, if you don't have it, get it!  Click on the titles to read each of these masterpieces.

A dim view of the future when chaos rules.  Anarchy Divine is my term for that future.

Blood (Ruins of Earth)
A work that both Wayne Canne and I composed.  (What that means is "I'm sorry sir, but we're gonna have to charge you extra.  Yeah, we pruned your whole house dude" (sic))

Blow You Away
This one was meant to be a song from the start.  Additional credit goes to Wayne for his valuable suggestions.

Boot Hill
I can't remember where the inspiration for this one came from, but it is my all-time favorite.  My Eagle project in Boy Scouts involved a cemetery, and I remember being there one foggy morning and it freaked me out, like major willies.  That might be where this germinated from, but who the hell knows?

Bullet in Back
I believe that there was a song entitled "Dead in a Ditch" by some band or another.  This is my take on dying in a ditch.

I think that I had just broken up with a girlfriend when this was done.  Or maybe I just met someone.  Or maybe something depressing was playing on Lifetime.  I don't know, but it's pretty sappy.  (And shitty, I don't care much for this one)

This is another one where I have no idea where it came from, it just came, saw, and conquered.

I was trying to force myself to write (which is never a good idea) and couldn't think of anything to write about.  So that's what I wrote about.  This is the result, and I like it.  Scary, isn't it?

The End
I started with the Doors tune of the same title and went with the idea of "the end."  This was my version of that moment.  I ran it up the flagpole and little John saluted it, so I saw that it was good.

I was sitting in the cafeteria at school, staring out the window, bored as usual.  There I laid eyes on a seagull.  This is the result, what you might call "poetic license."

The Jim Blob Story
This is from a LONG time ago.  There was this kid in school who was just revolting.  We all picked on him, and sang songs about him, and so on and so forth... You know how mean kids can be.  In hindsight, maybe it wasn't very funny (YEAH RIGHT!)

Judgement Day
This is probably my second favorite.  I always envisioned a concert starting with Boot Hill spoken in a slow monotone with smoke and shit and then the band rushing out and performing a god-awfully loud speed-metal rendition of Judgement Day.  (My second career aspiration, after desk-jockey was to be rock-n-roll god, I just don't know how to sing or play an instrument!)

The Living Dead
I was always an overachiever, so-to-speak.  I hated to watch people indifferent to what they were doing engaged in the art of apathy.  This is my ode to those people.

Metal Hunger
This was meant to be a song, in the spirt of what Judas Priest would do, sorta, kinda...  Seems kinda lame to me some six years later, but then again, doesn't everything?

My Computer
Forced to write a poem for some class, I wrote an ode to my computer.  This is really dated, but trust me, back then this was one damn powerful computer!

My Wet Dream
Another collaboration.  This time Eric Wright and me messing with that mind of yours.

This is one of the pieces that I was working on when I got a life and stopped writing.  Something a bit different for me.

Nursery Rhyme
I was totally out of ideas for things to write about and I said, "Hey! I could do a nursery rhyme!"  This is the result.  Mother Goose is now rolling is her grave.  Or did she do fairy tales?  (You are meant to sing this one, it doesn't sound right if you don't)

The Poem of Jamie's Wedding
This masterpiece was composed on-the-fly at the wedding of Jamie Johnson.  A true masterpiece if there ever was one.

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