Judgement Day

Shrouding darkness
Growing fear
Search for cover
None is here

Death's destruction
Surrounds us all
No right to life
All shall fall

Whisper softly
Into your ear
My endless taunting
Draws you near

I lust your body
I want this sin
I need your soul
It draws me in

Growing passion
Ungodly lust
I know I shouldn't
I feel I must

Feel the fire
Course through my veins
From my pleasure
Which brings you pain

A bloody heap
Your body lies
My ebbing passion
Slowly dies

I take my clothes
Grab my gun
Flee this place
I'm on the run

Alone now I move
Darkness embracing
My head it throbs
My heart is racing

I find another
Helpless prey
Die now sinner!
It's judgement day



1997, John Kinne, All rights reserved