Pen in hand
Waiting for a thought
Searching for an idea
An idea that I've not

My mind is blank
I cannot think
My emotions are a mess
Hoping to force out
A writing that's of my very best

Distractions surround me
My attention does not last
It wanders all about me
I'd better finish fast

This page it fills
Senseless words
Scarcely joined together
I make no sense, have no focus
Cannot work this hocus pocus

To end this now I should say
Something with meaning
To end your day

Something of value
Something worth-while
Something to take you
That extra mile

This insight to life
A proverb so pure
To strengthen your heart
So you can endure

My message not simple
My message not clear
Keep what you love
And treasure it dear



1997, John Kinne, All rights reserved