Blow You Away

Sitting in this classroom
Bored in hell again
Picking at my pant's seams
Chewing on my pen

The home life ain't no better
We've all seen better days
And to all those who contribute
You know you're gonna pay

I'll blow you away!

Sittin' and drinkin'
All day long
Get a little buzz
Sing a little song

Make it to the weekend
Scrubbin' off the dirt
Grab my .45
I'm gonna make you hurt

Blow you away

Brains on the wall
Blood on the floor
Hear a lady scream
Reload for some more


Walkin' down the street
Eyein' all the chicks
Pleasure on the trigger
Until the hammer clicks

You say that I'm crazy
Well my gun says I'm not
You'd better watch your ass
Or you're gonna get shot

Yes, I'll blow you away

Yeah, it's you that's gonna pay
Blow you away
Hey, you ready to die?



1997, John Kinne, All rights reserved