My mind is a mess
I know what I want
What's good
What's best

Am I in love
I'm now not sure
I used to know

To leave you would hurt
To keep you will kill
Will I leave you?
I don't know if I will

I'm so confused
Afraid and alone
To me you are alien
Something unknown

From your touch I cringe
It's not what I want
I need you to see
To see what we've got

Something between us
Something we share
It was love so strong
And now I don't care

It's not that I don't
I'm just so confused
My emotions are hurt
I feel so abused

Your temper flares
At each thing that I say
My words never right
Things just aren't ok

I hope things work out
I want this to last
Let's move to the future
And forget the past


1997, John Kinne, All rights reserved