The Jim Blob Story

There was a big fat slob
Whose name was Jim Blob
He weighed 280 pounds
In lunch he made gross sounds
He had a girlfriend named Shirley
Whose hair was very curly
When he kissed her the curls fell out
And she grew a big fat snout

Jim walked around school
Acting like a stupid fool
He liked to drool
He put a lizard in the pool
He was the teacher's pet
And everyone would fret
When he got mad they said with a whim
Please don't sit on him

Jim went to the Carrier Dome
And chewed on a bone
He didn't have to pay
Because everyone ran away
He got in his car
And drove too far
He left New York
And somebody ate him for pork

Nobody liked Jim Blob
Because he was a slob
And he liked to sit on people
In the church steeple
Jim would sit all day
And he knew that he'd have to pay
And when he was eaten he heard a bell
And found himself way down in Hell.

6th Grade


1997, John Kinne, All rights reserved