Metal Hunger

Early in the morning
You're feeling like a fool
'cause you don't know what to do
With your life

Havin' trouble in class
Hopin' you will pass
But you're comin' in last
Gonna fail

You wanna party all the time
You're gonna blow your mind
Trying to feed your

Metal hunger
Rockin' and rollin' never stop
Metal hunger
Party after party 'till you drop

Little Jenny never had a man
But she was my biggest fan
So I took her backstage
Left her hurtin' for days

She had a hunger for metal
And a hunger for fame
All she wanted was sex
So I played her little game

Metal hunger
They say we're wasting our life away
Metal hunger
Faster and faster we try to play

It's a hunger that you have
Nothing you can do
Spreading the disease
It's gonna get you

Metal hunger
Rising and rising never stop
Metal hunger
Don't stop fighting
'till the top

You're burning inside
It's been a tough ride
You can't run and hide
You're gonna die with your

Metal hunger



1997, John Kinne, All rights reserved