Short Stories

These are some of the Stories that I've written over the years.  I haven't done too many, mostly because I don't have the patience work on them long enough.  First up we have Kill the Fucker, which I wrote for a creative writing class back in high school.  It's kind of my vision of Glenn Danzig having a good day.   Also from the same class we have Black Sack Mack, an exercise in dialogue.  From an English class in high school is Jim Gorgon, inspired in part by an M.O.D. song, in part by a Slayer song, and in part by the Satanic Bible.  Now that, I must say, is fucked up.  (Click here for the MS Word 97 version of Jim Gorgon, to see it the way it was meant to be seen).  Read A Letter to the Dead, which is just a little something that I was screwing around with.  Many years ago I working as a Capital Goods Sales Associate at OfficeMax.  The job was pretty boring, and to pass the time I'd play with the typewriters.  Read some of the surviving OfficeMax ShortsPoliticians really isn't a story, but more of a diatribe.  Credit goes mostly to Cliff Drought, who was and is a bit of an anarchist.  You've read the poem The Jim Blob Story, now read the story that the poem inspired.

More will come later boys and girls.