A letter to the dead:

In every community, no matter how small or large, there exist the dead. Every town, village, city, and state has them. No matter where you go they can be found. You think that you know what I'm talking about, but in reality you haven't the foggiest idea. You have in your head a picture of a cemetery, a morgue, or a fresh cadaver, the victim of some tragic accident. This is not the picture I wish you to embrace. Instead I speak of the living dead. Have you idea of what I speak? Take a look around you. You are surrounded by these misbegotten souls who wander through life aimlessly. These lethargic creatures have no purpose, no meaning, no rhyme, no reason. Frankly, they just don't give a damn. These criteria apply to just about anyone who happens to be reading this quip. Be not surprised, for you are the first to admit it. When asked what you will do with your life, you have no answer. You live day to day no caring what the next will bring or what consequences your actions will bring. You are dead, and you may never learn to live.


1997, John Kinne, All rights reserved