Unfinished Works

These are writings that I never fully completed... Maybe some day they will become finished!  If things change here it is because these are works in progress.

It is a great country, isn't it?

Deadly Dreams
I love the pace of this one.  This is one that I most definitely should get around to working on someday.

Little pieces of things that never grew into anything larger.

Psychotic Supper
Disturbing, to say the least.

Don't we all wonder if things could have been different?

Another fast-paced tribute to violence

A tale of a man without a home.

A feeble attempt at Satanic sacrifice.

More emotional dribble.  I think everybody should have a roller-coaster relationship.

No idea where this one came from.

I think my teacher had told me to write about something other than violence.  This is about hiking in the Adirondack mountains.

Yet another love-stricken bit.

This is an interesting one.  This was finished, polished, and I was pretty happy with it.  Then I lost it.  I've not been able to recover a complete copy of this, and what's here is all that I can remember.  It's kind of a Judas Priest Turbo-era type tune.

Virgin Sacrifice
I really like this one, after having just come across it.  I hadn't seen it in some 7 years almost.

Why Must I Cry?
And, like wow, even more emotional shit.