Deadly Dreams

Sitting on my ass
In this boring class
I must not fall asleep
But the blood it tastes
Oh so sweet

I dream of killing you
Blood is such
A pretty blue

Again I raise my head
Looking nearly dead
As my eyes once again
Roll back into my head

Now I run so free
On a mad killing spree
Chopping down those in my way
Oh – What a glorious day

I nearly hit the floor
Hope I didn’t snore
This class is so boring
I won’t last to hear the bell ring

My hands are caked in blood
Looks like
There was a flood

Licking off my hands
Wanting to be clean
Such a pretty knife
Amazing metallic gleam

Waking once again
I Must’ve dropped my pen
Reaching for the floor
Teacher boots me out the door

Must not fall asleep
But the blood tastes
Oh so sweet
I think I’ll take my life
Now where did I leave that knife?

1997, John Kinne, All rights reserved