Virgin Sacrifice

Your eyes are glazed
Your pupils big
As your hand runs down my leg
I know what you want
You want what I’ve got
There’s no need to beg
Just whisper that you love me
And hop up on the bed

I don’t like that shirt
Take it off
And now remove the bra

You lie half-naked
In my room
As I turn down the lights
Reaching into a drawer
I take out my knife

Cutting two lengths of cord
With which to bind your wrists
You squirm and beg and plead
Waiting for a kiss

I cut off your pants
Down the seams
It’s razor point
Glistens and gleams
Then off comes the panties


Two more cords are cut
With which to bind your legs
Now you lie spread-eagle
As I start to giggle

A scream is heard
As I shout "Hail Satan!"
And raise above my head the knife
With which to take your life




1998, John Kinne, All rights reserved