Psychotic Supper

Death and entropy run along with me
Hatred blinds me and I can't see
Anger and hate driving me on
You wanna fuck with me?
Bring it on!

Don't you know I'll kill you now?!?
That's fuckin' right
I gotta gun
It may be little, but its loud (heh heh heh)

Pain Hate
Pain Hate
You hate pain?
I love it baby!

I'm a servant of death
A dealer of hate
Bringer of pain
Blood rain

Once upon a time
In a land so far away
There lived an old old man
His hair long gone grey
One day he took a walk
And he never came back
He came across me
And I stabbed him in the back

Then I ate his heart!

I'm a bad mother-fucker
And I'll kick yer ass too
You don't dare to mess with me
Or you know what I'll do?

I'm remove yer goddam heart
With my bare hands
I'll rip out your guts
As gently as I can
I'll break both your knees
And as you try to crawl from me
I'll proceed to drink your blood
Savoring the lovely taste

1997, John Kinne, All rights reserved