The Way-Cool Stormtrooper 

I was wandering about the Galleria in Bloomington, MN (just south of Minneapolis) and my knees nearly buckled.  There, standing before me was one of the henchmen of the Dark Lord of the Sith.  (Ok, that sounds pretty corny)  Anywise, yes I was in awe, I've seen this replica in catalogs, but had never seen one in actuality.  Let me just say that it was pretty darn awesome.  And these things only sell for like $3,000 or so.  So I am now accepting donations so that I may own my very own Stormtrooper.  E-mail me at for instructions on how to send your money.  This guy would look pretty damn cool standing in my den.

I LOVE this guy!

and this one too!

Over at the Mall of America there was a Darth Vader replica that was just as cool, unfortunately I had to get my ass to the airport and didn't have time to run out to the car for my camera. At Propsdealr you can get your very own Stormtrooper armor to wear around the house.  I'm saving my pennies to get mine.  Some would say that all I really need is a life.....