My Software Creations

This is the collection of software that I have created over the years.  Things will be added as I clean stuff up and decide what/how to publicly release.  Check back now and again, as there are a couple of things that I'm currently working on...

The Commodore 64 Years
This is a bunch off old Commodore-64 stuff.  This zip file contains .D64 files, which are Commodore disk image files for use with the C64S emulator available from Seattle Lab.  If you don't have this emulator there is a trial version available at  I can't guarantee that any of this stuff works, but it is interesting junk  in a historical-type context.  Damage, my demo on the demos 2 disk, does work on my system, with sound.  Check it out!  I'm still very proud of it...

There is also an emulator called Personal C64 that will run under Windows with sound at, the performance sucks, but it does work.

Yes! I Want it!

Poly - This is a board game for two to six consenting adults.  It is based on the game interSEXions.  The deal is that I was trying to brush up on my C programming, but couldn't think of a good program to write.  Then I came across interSEXions, and thought that it would be a good program to model after.  This is the result.  Source code is included, and it uses features specific to Borland's Turbo C++.  Should be like, bug free, but no refunds - no guarantees.   Check it out if you're interested in doing any C programming.   If anybody would like to modify this to come up with a better version, go for it dude!  Just like, e-mail and let me know.

Yes! I Want It!

Cool - This is the JAVA applet on the main page with the skull and "The Animal" logo.  Should be like, bug free, but no refunds - no guarantees.  Source code is included.  Check it out if you're interested in doing any Java programming.

Yes! I Want It!

Elevator Simulator - This is an implementation of the Elevator Simulation Project presented in appendix F of Java: How to Program by Deitel & Deitel.  There are a few bugs, but it works pretty well.  This applet/application employs multithreading, client/server, animation, and many other features of JAVA.  Source code is included.

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Star Wars Figure Tracker - This is the source for SWFT v1.3, the last version in the prior generation of SWFT.  You need to use Microsoft Visual FoxPro v5.0 or higher to be able to do anything with this source.   Get the latest version of SWFT (without source) from the Star Wars Figure Tracker page.

Yes! I Want It!

Feel free to reuse any of the code appearing on this page, all I ask that you give credit, where credit is due!  Also, please e-mail me and let me know if you find this stuff useful, interesting, or shitty at   I'm always looking for good programming ideas, so if you have any, let me know.