The Central Square Paul V. Moore class of 1991 ten year reunion group photo.

To download the full high-quality version of the group picture (13MB) click here.  Just in case you wanted to print it on your photo quality printer, or maybe have it printed by an on-line photo printer (such as Ofoto).

Andrew Taylor Dave Eiffe Kevin Davis Mark McAfee Jason Beardsley Rich Campbell Kevin Gasser Tony Dellomorte Shane LaVigne Dave Wines Jon Harris Mark Forderkonz Lee Bridges Wally Corrice Jr. Sean Bloss Cliff Drought John Kinne Neil Lanning (Blinn) Thad Clark Chris Dempsey Brian Crowley Randy Riegelman Coby Grunder Tami (Coles) Plyter Cheryl Farewell Laura (Massenzio) McAfee Karen (Mugglin) Mann Sheri Merriam Reichaud Deana Bush Sue (Benson) Brannon Alyssa (Trammell) Taylor Brian Alm Andy Kitts Roy Powers Ron Flower Tracy Leonard Kristina Turverey Amy Ward Jennifer Dunham Pierce Heather Champlin Dempsey Craig Wilkins George Burlingame Daniel Boughton Danielle Blecha Heather Wulfert Jennifer Thomas Micek Gretchen (Spies) Frey Noelle Gibson Melissa (Brand) Lanning Jennifer (Ash) DePerno Melissa Carr Julienne (Brache) Hurry Erin Moore Jennifer (Gladle) Hamacher Kimbery (Allmon) Gehrke Pamela Harter Wendy (Newton) Colucci Barbara (Cox) Metzger Marsha (Kaiser) Johnson Marianne Lotito Temmy Redhead Bartoszek Patricia Whalen Patricia Florczyk Colleen M. Temple Wendy Corrice Murray Fern Kay Mills Drought Camie Stewart Stallbaum Jennifer Dodge Heather Danboise Roxanne (Morgan) Krause Tanya Semchenko Denise Blount DeAnna Menga (Williams) Laura Dewey

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